About Us

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Altavista

Our Rector

We are currently served by supply priests.  Hence, our regular services alternate between Liturgy of the Word, led by lay Eucharist Ministers, and Holy Eucharist Services, celebrated by wonderful supply priests.

The Vestry is the administrative body of St. Peter’s.  Vestry members are elected by the church membership for three-year terms, during our Annual Meeting.   

Our Vestry

Regular Vestry meetings are scheduled for the third Sunday of the month.

Current Members of the Vestry:

  • Jan Parry – Senior Warden
  • Ben Whittier  – Junior Warden
  • David Green – Treasurer
  • Francis Carter – Outreach Coordinator
  • Jo Kelley – Member and Secretary

St. Peter’s is Over 100 Years Old!

How To Contact Us

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Directions to the Church

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is located in downtown Altavista
at the corner of Broad Street and 11th Street street sign

From US 29, take the Hwy 43 exit (“Altavista and Leesville”) toward Altavista. Hwy 43 becomes Bedford Ave. Follow it about 1 mile, and turn left on 11th St.  You will come upon the back of the church and find a parking lot.  Park there, in front of, or at the side of the church.

Address to the Church

Services 10:00 am Sunday

Post Office Box 207
1010 Broad Street
Altavista, VA. 24517
(434) 2571557

Phone Number

Mission Statement

St. Peter’s feels called to provide a place for worship through the Episcopal Church as we seek to understand each church family where everyone is welcome to share mutual happiness and sorrows from birth to death and to share Christ’s presence and grace with us; to reach out so that we may demonstrate our commitment to caring and sharing in community and the world; and to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ in the lives of the Congregation.

Goals and Objectives

To grow and expand as a church family and to foster fellowship within our community.

To strengthen parish Christian Education at all levels by assisting and expanding the present parish membership.

To train and develop the parish lay leadership and encourage lay leadership in all parish areas.

To become more visible in the community and to establish more productive methods of outreach.

To lead the parish to a deeper stewardship of the treasure, time and talents of the laity by example.